This criminal offence charge seems to fit a pattern. Although Mr. Samblis has never harassed or threatened us with phone calls... he certainly did with emails (see some HERE).  We would never engage in any conversation with Mr. Samblis unless it is in writing.  As we said in the “Meet the CEO” page… people don’t change who they fundamentally are. Although this charge is from 1992, it is evident by the emails Mr. Samblis has sent to us in 2013 that fundamentally his propensities for anger has not changed.  To this day Mr. Samblis continues to harass us over our sites and the content therein.  He simply doesn't like his embarrassing past to be available, and attempts to silence us every chance he gets.


HarassingCalls 1

Mr. Steven Samblis has had more than his fair share of legal issues.  Most folks have none, and others have maybe 1 or 2... Mr. Steven Samblis has had 45 !   Now, one or two lawsuits could be considered unfortunate, or bad luck.  However most people would consider 45 legal issues to be excessive, and signal a problem.  A "red-flag" if you will.  Certainly most folks would consider that high of a volume to definitely be a pattern.  

Although we have detailed several in the below links, a recap of the 45 can be found HERE. (simply type in Steven Samblis in the search box) 


Suit 14U05173 - $7,025.24

Suit: BC510743 - $75,000.00

Suit: BC692996 - $60,000.00

First attempt to takeover our sites

Second attempt to takeover our sites

Harassing and Threatning Phone Calls


UniCourt 2 





Suit: BC510743 - $75,000.00

What was the lawsuit about… it had to do with the breach of terms and conditions set forth in a “Producer Agreement” regarding the production of the “Woody and Craig, Zombie Hunters”.   Before trial Mr. Samblis settled out of court for $32,128.00, to be paid in three monthly installments.  Well, guess what… Mr. Samblis did not make the very first payment, and, as the settlement terms allowed for, a Judgement for the full $75,000. was entered, AND… of course additional legal fees were requested as a result. 

Additional details can be found HERE.

Full court document HERE.



Suit 14U05173 - $7,025.24

This appears to be a landlord/tenant dispute against Mr. Samblis for what appears to be unpaid rent, and legal expenses to collect such.

 Full details can be found HERE:

The original amount may have been satisfied, however there was a subsequent court action demanding payment of $1,687.96 accrued interest, and an additional $123.00 for post-judgment costs, for a total due of $1,810.96.



Attempted site takeover #2


This is Mr. Samblis's 2nd attempt to takeover our sites.  This attempt failed also.

See complete details HERE.